Meet Elijah Desmond

DJ, Emcee, Motivational Speaker, Philanthropist, Innovator, Author

Career & Experience

Elijah Desmond began his professional career at the age of 15 as a youth motivational speaker. Always drawn to helping others, Elijah later pursued a degree in healthcare at The Ohio State University. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene, Elijah moved to Hawaii and worked in private practice for a brief period. Never complacent, he started his first of many businesses after leaving clinical dentistry and identifies as a “serial entrepreneur”. Elijah now resides in South Florida with his wife and 2 daughters.

Elijah gets to share his love for music as an emcee and DJ to large crowds! He is also Vice President for a non-profit called Beyond the Game, which offers development programs for 3rd grade students called Guys With Ties and Girls with Pearls. Whether he is planning, speaking, emceeing, or DJing, Elijah has been involved in over 500 events. Although he has a wide range of experience, Elijah is most passionate about delivering motivational concerts to young students in high schools worldwide. He has spoken over 1,000 hours collectively and participates in events in 2-3 locations per month.

Elijah’s events and experiences focus on two things: FUN and Education. Known for having engaging speeches and incorporating motivation into all of his events, Elijah is adamant that a fun atmosphere is essential to learning. Elijah is best known for turning traditional conferences into exciting, modern day events and festivals. You also may know him for creating Smiles at Sea cruises and The Dental Festival.

Join Elijah and travel the world, one educational experience at a time!

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"I can't even begin to tell you how much I adore and admire Elijah! He's setting the stage and writing the playbook for all of us wantrepeneurs...persistence, follow through and PASSION are the keys to success. Can't tell you how much I love Elijah!"

"WHAT I HAVE LEARNED FROM ELIJAH: Don't care about what people think- Make yourself happy. Speak your Dreams, Sing your Dreams, LIVE your Dreams."

"What have I learned from Elijah? If you dream it, do it. If it's hard, do it anyways! If you don't know the next step, find a mentor and do it. If it goes wrong, learn and do it some more. If it works, help someone else and have fun doing it!"