5-7 different high schools charter buses to attend a large stadium or amphitheater, featuring a lineup of motivational speakers, inspiring speeches and music for a life-changing experience!

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Bring inspiration and excitement with our unique and uplifting motivational concert experience. Renowned keynote speaker Elijah Desmond, also known as DJ Smiles, will keep the energy high by DJing vibes and delivering motivating words to inspire today’s youth, along with other exceptional motivational speakers that will empower students. A special bonus, one lucky student will walk away with a brand new car and a scholarship for dental or business school. Stadiums, amphitheater, large venues. Book now to give your students an event they’ll never forget!

What have I learned from Elijah? If you dream it, do it. If it's hard, do it anyways! If you don't know the next step, find a mentor and do it. If it goes wrong, learn and do it some more. If it works, help someone else and have fun doing it!
Kathy C.

His Knowledge and Presence is Top Notch

As an experienced keynote speaker and motivator, DJ Smiles is well-known for having fun-filled, engaging lectures and integrating motivational speaking into all of his events.  He provides his audience with tools they can take back to the office and implement right away. He is adamant that a fun atmosphere is essential to learning!

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Discover Beyond The Game

Beyond The Game creator, Elijah, started the nonprofit organization to empower youth in need of guidance. He teaches them to embrace their beautiful minds and realize their potential.

What Topics Does Elijah Discuss?

Being Yourself


Achieving Success


Life Afer Collegge

Your Path
To College

Overcoming Adversity

Your Identity

Risk Management

Ending Bullying and Cyber Bullying

Personal Empowerment


Your Path To College


Personal Empowerment


The Truth On Drug Use

The Truths About
Drug Use

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If you have any questions about our motivational concerts or would like to book one at your own high school please don’t hesitate to contact Elijah today!