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"I can't even begin to tell you how much I adore and admire DJ Smiles! He's setting the stage and writing the playbook for all of us wantrepeneurs...persistence, follow through and PASSION are the keys to success. Can't tell you how much I love DJ Smiles!"

Frances Horning

"WHAT I HAVE LEARNED FROM ELIJAH: Don't care about what people think- Make yourself happy. Speak your Dreams, Sing your Dreams, LIVE your Dreams."

Dee Dee Martin

"What have I learned from DJ Smiles? If you dream it, do it. If it's hard, do it anyways! If you don't know the next step, find a mentor and do it. If it goes wrong, learn and do it some more. If it works, help someone else and have fun doing it!"

Kathy Clements-Hatfield