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As a renowned keynote speaker, DJ Smiles has an ability to relate with today’s youth and inspire them to achieve their dreams. He incorporates music and fun, which are universal, into each of his concerts. Often, DJ Smiles will collaborate with other speakers for added experience. High schools, stadiums and public venues are places where DJ Smiles can motivate young audiences all over the world.

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DJ Smiles

Motivator, Keynote Speaker, Educator, Leader, Philanthropist, Innovator, Inspirational Speaker, and Author

Glen Black Suit

Glen Guyon

Live Your Life and
Love the Life You Live.


Orlando Bowen

Get Off the Sidelines and Make a Difference in Business and in Life.

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If you have any questions about our motivational concerts or would like to book one at your own high school please don’t hesitate to contact DJ Smiles today!